Sherwood Care: The Facility

Sherwood Care continually upgrades and beautifies our facility which enables us to meet the medical, physical, spiritual and mental health needs of our resident focused community.

Housekeeping & Laundry

While our residents can no longer get around as well to keep their house, they still value, appreciate, and have pride in where they live. And that is where our housekeepers and launderers come in, They clean the resident’s room as if it was their own home. Lovingly and tenderly dusting and cleaning the items that mean so much to the residents.

It doesn’t stop there. Behind the scenes is a small but valuable department that is connected to each of the other departments in a unique way. The Laundry department keeps the residents’ clothing clean and in good repair. They provide sparkling clean tablecloths and napkins that add a touch of class to the dining experience.

Their goal is to help residents feel comfortable and proud about their “home”! To provide a place where friends and family can come to visit without having to worry about tidying up. And where you don’t have to worry about the grandkids and the messes they can create in their exuberance.

Magic of Mealtime

In a world where much has been taken away, the simple pleasure of sitting down to a home cooked meal, with some forgotten favourites, can be the difference between a poor day and a good day.

The importance of mealtime and snacks can not be underestimated. Food not only provides the nutrition necessary to function from day to day, and can help fend off some undesired health problems, it also provides comfort, and a sense of normalcy.

Our kitchen is small and very busy. It serves one hundred residents plus staff and visitors three meals a day; produces meals for the local community “Meals on Wheels” program; and, prepares two scheduled snacks as well as numerous individual snacks each day.

Every residents’ nutritional needs are assessed by the Dietitian on admission, and regularly throughout their stay at the facility, adjusting both diets and textures to meet their ongoing and changing needs.

We foster the magic of mealtime and its power to connect not mere nourishment but connections, to the traditions of the past, to the future with something to look forward to, and the present, where no one need eat alone.

Worry Free Maintenance

Many of our residents have owned their own homes, and some worry about getting the yard-work done, the spring cleaning completed, and the preparations for the winter done in the fall. But, they don’t have to worry here! We have a team that sees to all these maintenance needs and much more.

From helping to maintain those highly visible items, like the grounds and the beautiful gardens, to the sometimes forgotten and taken for granted lights and heat, the maintenance department is available around the clock to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Our team coordinates patio upgrades, preventive maintenance checks, parking lot repairs, painting, fixing stopped up toilets and fire-alarm system. They do snow clearing and basement renovations, the list goes on and on. With an older “home” there is always something that needs attention and our Maintenance Team makes sure the jobs get done!