For information on admission criteria to Continuing Care in Edmonton and area call Community Care Access 780-496-1300

Sherwood Care hosts a pre-admission tour every Wednesday. For information or to register please call 780-467-2281.

Where does our funding come from?

76% Care Funding from Alberta Health: medical staff, medical needs
22% Hospitality Services from Residents: food, laundry, cleaning, non-medical needs
1% Activities and Grants: Meals on Wheels, hair salon, grants
1% Donations: from people like you

Where do we spend our funding?

76% Paying Our Staff
7% Care Supplies: medicine, oxygen, medical supplies
14% Keeping Our Building Going: food, utilities, repairs
2% Depreciation: how we get new equipment

What is Long-Term Care?

For a small number of seniors who have highly complex health needs and whose care cannot be safely provided in their own home, or in supportive living, long-term care facilities will be available. Long-term care is provided to individuals with complex health needs using a more hospital-like model. Under the direction of a family physician, an on-site Registered Nurse supervises your care with the support of Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and other health-care providers as appropriate.

You may need long-term care for:

  • complex end of life care needs
  • complex medication management
  • complex nursing care
  • inconsistent or unstable behaviour that places you or others at risk

How do I access Long-Term Care?

In order to access any living option, including long-term care, you need to undergo an assessment. You can access Alberta Health Services if you:

  • live in Alberta;
  • have an Alberta Health Care Number; or
  • have applied for and are eligible to receive Alberta Health care coverage

To book an assessment or for more information, contact your local Home Care Program, talk to your family doctor or Community Care Access at 780-496-1300.

How do I get my loved one into Sherwood Care?

Once your loved one has been assessed by Alberta Health Services and it has been determined that they need Long-Term Care services, you will be asked to provide your top 3 choices for a long-term care facility. Every effort will be made by Alberta Health Services to accommodate your wishes for
location, but a temporary move may be necessary until your loved one reaches their site of choice.

Does Sherwood Care know where my loved one is on the Alberta Health wait-list for placement?

We do not have access to the wait-list. Once we have an available bed and your loved one is matched to our facility, a staff member will contact the primary agent/contact and arrange for you to have a tour.

Will residents be admitted into a semi-private or private room?

Each resident is admitted into a semi-private room, however the resident will automatically be placed onto a waiting list for a private room. The wait for a private room at Sherwood Care is 9-12 months.

What are the costs associated with Long-Term Care?

Alberta Health sets the accommodation charges for long-term care, which is standard for all long-term care facilities within Alberta. Current accommodation charges are available at (click on ‘Health Services in Alberta -Continuing Care’). Alberta Health Services covers most costs related to medications, dressing supplies and other supplies related to your care.

In addition to the accommodation charges, Sherwood Care charges a monthly Service Fee of $35.00. This fee covers: laundry, cable, incontinent products, and toiletries. Additional charges will apply for telephone hookups.

Do I need to bring my own furniture?

Long-term care is different than other levels of seniors care as it provides a bed, dresser, overbed table and closet space. The rooms are small so other furniture items are discouraged. Each bed has cable access with the option for a private phone line. You are encouraged to bring small items of
significance to personalize your space, such as pictures, your favourite quilt, etc.

Is a Registered Nurse available on each shift?

Yes, a Registered Nurse is available on each shift along with the support of Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and other health-care providers.

Can my current family doctor visit me at Sherwood Care?

Sherwood Care has a list of physicians that have admitting privileges and provide medical visits and services on site. You may choose a physician from the list.

Will my loved one’s care needs be reviewed?

Yes. Aside from providing daily compassionate care, an initial Care Conference will be held 4-6 weeks after admission, followed by an annual conference. The care team will meet with family to review the resident’s care plan and goals. Each resident is reassessed every 3 months with adjustments made to their care and care plan based on the needs identified. What services are available at Sherwood Care? Meals are served in the dining room and assistance to and from meals will be provided as necessary. If you are too ill to eat in the dining room, your meal will be brought to your room. Snacks are also available twice a day. In addition to the meal services, Sherwood Care provides on-site Rehabilitations services, Social and Recreational programs, Chaplain and spiritual support, Social Worker, Dietitian, Massage Therapist, and a Hairdresser. Sherwood Care arranges for other service providers to come in, such as: Podiatry, Denturist, Dental Hygienist, Optometrist, lab and x-ray services, etc.