COVID-19 Update – September 23, 2020

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Dear Friends and Family of Sherwood Care,

201 days COVID free!!!

Although this has been a challenging period of time, we’re incredibly grateful for your partnership and support in reducing the risk of COVID coming into the building.

This fall weather is one of the best things about living in Alberta! I hope you’re getting the opportunity to enjoy the warm sunny days.

We are grateful for the warmer days that make the outdoor visits and walks possible, while we continue planning for inevitable weather change and supporting more indoor visits.

Grand Parade News!!

Thank you for your incredible support!

As of today, we have raised $34,800 for the residents of Sherwood Care!  You have been a tremendous support in this initiative. Thank you to the families who set up teams, who walked, who donated and who volunteered to make this fundraising campaign one of the most successful events for Sherwood Care in recent history.

The link for donations will still remain open for 30 days, so if someone you know you wanted to donate, it’s not too late to contribute to this wonderful event! Just click on this link and select a team or participant to donate towards:


  • Currently we have 1 new resident on isolation, as per protocol for 14 days.
  • Currently, 1 staff member is off with symptoms awaiting swab results

We are implementing the following changes outlined in CMOH 32-2020:

  • Dining room capacity – This morning we have implemented a full dining room seating plan, with 4 residents per table. We have worked hard to keep your loved ones location consistent, while matching people with similar interests at the table. This will free up the lounge area for some enhanced programming events.
  • Volunteer support – We are gathering feedback from our volunteers and planning next steps in their involvement and support of the residents and programs at Sherwood Care.
  • Programming – the therapies department is working on a schedule for October of programming events for your loved ones. We are all excited about this ‘partial” return to normal. We still are unable to bring in outside entertainers, but we can plan programs on a larger scale than before.
  • Pandemic Planning – we continue to work through the details of our pandemic plan and are implementing some additional supports next week, in our effort to keep COVID out of the care centre:
    • Temporary care manager – Linda Bauman, will join the busy Care Management Office. Her role will focus on supporting the frontline staff, with the work they are doing to keep your loved ones safe and well cared for. Ora will maintain focus on the upcoming influenza season, immunization process and other processes related to COVID-19.
    • Clinical Coordinator – we are adding additional RN support 7 days per week, days and evenings. This role will assist in supporting and coaching staff, volunteers and families on appropriate PPE usage, assist with health screening, support additional visits from families (as we plan for colder days), etc.
    • Staff hiring, training and orientation – we continue to hire additional staff to ensure we have an appropriate depth to support staff illness or absence as we move into flu season. We are currently recruiting casual RN’s and LPN’s. If you know o someone that would be a good fit with Sherwood Care, please encourage them to apply on our website.
  • Visitation schedules – please remember to notify us if you cannot keep your scheduled visit time/schedule. Significant work goes into preparing your loved one for the visits and it is disappointing for them and the staff when no one comes.

These are challenging times, and it is often difficult to sort out the overload of information that is filling our newsfeed everyday about this pandemic. Here are some practical steps to help you find balance:

  • look after yourself, eat well, stay active and get your rest
  • maintain your social connections, have coffee with a friend
  • choose trusted sources for your information about COVID
  • practice gratitude – there is always something to be thankful
  • remember that we are not alone in this journey

This verse is a wonderful reminder that despite our circumstances, God’s love and mercy are certain each morning.

“The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise” lamentations 2:22-23


Warmest regards,

Kathy Fortunat