COVID-19 Update – October 30, 2020

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Dear Friends & Family of Sherwood Care,

232 days COVID-19 free!!

We’re almost into November, a season of remembrance and reflection. At Sherwood Care, we’re remembering you, and the patience you’ve shown over the last tough few months. That strength is an everyday inspiration to our team. Thank you for entrusting us with your family.


  • Currently we have three residents in isolation: one new admission in isolation for 14 days, one resident with symptoms awaiting swab results, and one resident in isolation after a stay in the hospital.
  • Currently, there is 1 staff member off with symptoms, awaiting swab results
  • Today in the Edmonton Zone, there are 31 continuing care facilities and four hospitals with outbreaks.

Increase in cases in Edmonton Zone

  • All operators of continuing care facilities received a letter from our Dr. Hinshaw on Monday, outlining concerns regarding the spike of cases in the Edmonton area. She asked us to share the following message with you: “I encourage you to speak to designated family/support persons right away and ask that they evaluate their own need to be physically present (based on resident need), to help in limiting the amount of people entering your site. They should be supported to consider virtual options to connect with residents.”
  • As a result of the heightened spread, we are suspending our work on social visits, but will re-evaluate in the next couple of weeks as we see what the case numbers are.
  • If you are supporting/visiting your family member more than once per week, you may want to consider reducing your visits to once per week or every other week.
  • We would also ask that you review your risk of unknown exposure, considering some of the factors that can change each of our risks from low to high. You are at high risk if you:
    • Live in an area of high COVID-19 exposure (Edmonton and Sherwood Park)
    • Have been in a hospital or another setting with outbreak or cases under investigation
    • Visited a location with a declared COVID-19 outbreak in last 14 days
    • Are part of a large cohort (more than 15)
    • Your Cohort inconsistently practices physical distancing and use of masks when distancing is not possible
    • Had guests in your home in last 14 days
    • Had outings where contact with others is likely
    • Use public transit or carpool
    • Don’t maintain physical distancing or do not wear a mask
    • Don’t practice frequent hand hygiene
    • Have traveled outside the province in the last 14 days

If you wish to make any adjustments to your visit schedule, please contact Harley Hempel at 780-467-2281 or


Good News

Hot Meals On Wheels Program 

Despite the pandemic, we continue to support Sherwood Park with this program, thanks to our amazing kitchen crew and our awesome volunteers, who ensure the meals are delivered every lunch hour, Monday to Friday.


Although we won’t be hosting trick or treaters from the community this year, we will still be celebrating in a variety of ways, including Halloween crafts, costumes, a fun photo booth, pumpkin decorating, Halloween trivia and old movies and as a special treat, pumpkin juice (yes, it’s a thing and it tastes good!), cookies, and plenty of candy!


We are excited to announce that we have hired two new temporary OT’s, to fill the holes left by Sarah (on leave) and Sudeesh (restricted by single-site worker legislation). Jackie and Max are great additions to our team and they are quickly adapting through their orientation period.

Resident Stories

We have the privilege to witness so many amazing moments of our residents connecting with each other, sometimes with our help, but often independently. One of those awesome moments occurred this weekend when our staff observed two of our centenarians sitting in their chairs and leaning in to each other, laughing and talking. As they both introduced themselves and stated their age, one of them giggled and said, “ I think Jesus has forgotten my address.”

We remain so, so grateful to our families for their grace and continued understanding. You may be seeing your family members a bit less often, but please never doubt that they love you, they are thinking of you, and they know you love them too. We promise to continue treating your family members as if they were our own; because, in a way, we’re all family at Sherwood Care.

“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality in the mind, next to honour.”


Warmest regards,

Kathy Fortunat