COVID-19 Update – October 23, 2020

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Dear Friends & Families of Sherwood Care,

225 days COVID free!!!


  • Currently we have 5 residents on isolation.  2 new admissions on isolation for 14 days, 2 residents with symptoms awaiting swab results and 1 resident on isolation after a stay in the hospital
  • 3 staff members are off with symptoms, awaiting swab results
  • Flu shots – we completed the resident influenza immunizations last week and are actively immunizing our staff this week
  • Cases in the Edmonton Zone – As cases continue to rise in Edmonton, AHS has taken the steps to implement updated surge capacity measures to support the system, including postponement of non urgent surgeries and reduced services at some ambulatory clinics
  • This is another good reminder to us that we are all still in a battle with this virus, and the only way we will be effective is if we all work together by: being accountable for our actions, appropriately using PPE’s, frequent hand hygiene, monitoring our own symptoms, and staying home when we are ill.


Thank you to everyone who took time to respond to the survey that we sent out last week regarding visitation. We had over 60 responses and your feedback has been helpful as we have looked at the visitation schedule this week

Outdoor visits – if you were participating in outdoor visits, these have been cancelled, unless you have let us know otherwise

DSP visits – if there has been a change to your visit schedule, you will receive an email from Harley Hempel with your updated time, starting next week. If your schedule has not changed, you will not receive a specific email.

Social Visits – We are actively working on a schedule that can support indoor social visits, if requested. We hope to have a plan in place by mid November

Good News

  • Sherwood Park News did a wonderful feature story on Sherwood Care in today’s edition. If you have not had a chance to see the article, here is a link for your information:

  • Despite COVID, we have continued to work on the site development vision, including soliciting support from our community. The project is at its early stages and will require significant capital funds from the government for us to proceed. We are working on a robust proposal, with the expectation that there will be a call for submissions for refurbished or new continuing care beds sometime in the next 6 months
  • We look forward to sharing some of that vision with you as things move forward

We are extremely grateful for the support of our community, each one of our family members, and staff. Challenging times like this require everyone working together towards a common goal.

I don’t think I can say it better than Dr Hinshaw, when she said,

“We are all in this together and we are powerful together”.

In solidarity against COVID,

Kathy Fortunat