COVID-19 Update – October 2, 2020

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Dear Friends & Family of Sherwood Care,

210 days COVID free!!!

September has really been a glorious entry into autumn. The colours are stunning and the days when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.


  • Currently we have 4 residents on isolation,  3 new admissions and 1 awaiting swab results
  • 2 staff members are off with symptoms, awaiting swab result
  • Cases in the Edmonton Zone – as we listen to the news, it is hard to miss the reality of the active cases climbing significantly in our region
  • Today there are 13 continuing care facilities in the Edmonton Zone that are on outbreak and 2 acute care sites
  • This is a sober reminder that the risk of COVID spread remain high, and requires ongoing vigilance from each one of us to review our own risk and to not increase risk to our vulnerable population when we come to work or to visit
  • Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate the road ahead, through changing guidelines and realities. Our goal is to take the necessary precautions to keep our total population safe, while we strive to protect the person centred care that we are known for and proud of
  • Many of you are asking about indoor visits, Thanksgiving and yes, even Christmas. Thank you for sharing your concerns and suggestions. We know we will have to do things differently this year and are still working on this plan.  We hope to share details about the next steps mid October
  • Flu Shots – we are preparing for influenza season, our vaccines have been ordered and we anticipate beginning the flushots with your loved ones by mid October
  • We are happy to have re-introduced an updated recreation activity calendar for your loved ones this month! Please click HERE to see what activities are being offered in October.


Visitation reminders

We remain committed to supporting your loved ones’ quality of life by facilitating your ongoing connections with your loved one. In order to do that, during these extraordinary times, we are asking for your support in the following areas:

  • To ensure effective coordination for scheduled visits, please contact Ana Romero ( or Harley Hempel (
  • Each interaction you have with your loved one requires considerable coordination between multiple departments. As a result, please provide 24 hrs notice of any changes to your schedule. You can email these changes to Ana or Harley or call the Care Centre @ 780-467-2281
  • For all visits (indoor and outdoor), please ensure your masks are covering your mouth and nose throughout the entire duration of your visit
  • In order to ensure a smooth visitation process, please adhere to the start and end times for all visits. If an alternate time is required, please communicate with Ana or Harley prior to your visit.
  • During visits, you can feel comfortable engaging in safe touch (holding hands, rubbing an arm), but please refrain from any other type of physical contact during your visits.
  • If you are bringing in food for your loved one, please remember the following guidelines:
    • Wipe down container at front entrance before entering the visiting area
    • Do not bring food for yourself or other visitor, as this would require removal of your mask and continuous masking is still a requirement within the facility.

Pandemic Planning

  • We continue to move forward with our pandemic plan and have implemented additional  supports this week, in our effort to keep COVID out of the care centre.
  • Infection Control Support RN (or ICS RN) – On October 1, we implemented additional supports in the fight against COVID. The Infection Control and Support RN (formerly known as the Clinical Coordinator) will be enhanced to provide coverage 7 days & evenings, per week. This role will provide additional support in:
    • Support for ongoing quality resident care
    • Support for Family visitation both in screening and infection control guidance and education
    • Infection Control Prevention and support

Thank you for your support and diligence in keeping Sherwood Care COVID free. We really are all in this together.

It is sometimes difficult during periods like this to maintain perspective. I had the chance to chat with a good friend this week, who is going to see his Mom and help her celebrate her 100th birthday. He said that when he calls her, this is her response when he asks how she is doing;

“As long as I wake up each morning and the grass is my carpet and not my rooftop, I’ve got reason to give God thanks”.

What a great reminder to practice gratitude for the things that are going well!


Warmest regards,

Kathy Fortunat