COVID-19 Update – October 16, 2020

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Dear Friends & Family of Sherwood Care,

This week has been a sure indicator that Fall is finally upon us! The colder temperatures have made outdoor visits less pleasant and therefore, a number of families have requested to move their visits indoors. In anticipation for this transition, our team has been working diligently to plan for indoor visitation.

In developing this plan to accommodate more indoor visits, we have given much thought as to how to facilitate them safely, ensure that they are ideal for the residents’ day to day lives, and strive for a sustainable process given our staffing resources. From our summer of outdoor visits, we have learned that this process requires much coordination from our staff at all levels, and greatly impacts all the going ons in a resident’s day.

Who would have thought living in long term care would be such a busy life?!

One of our priorities in coordinating the indoor visits is to plan for the least amount of disruption in the resident’s day to day routine. At the Care Centre, a resident’s week is filled with shower days, hair appointments, rehab and nursing treatments, and recreation activities. As a result, scheduling time specific visits is a very complex process. And so, in going forward with indoor visits, we kindly ask that you be willing to flex and adjust your schedule to ensure that we can continue to offer indoor visits to all residents and their families in a sustainable manner.

In addition to transitioning from outdoor to indoor supportive visits, we are looking at the possibility of offering social visits, which would allow for individuals other than the Designated Support Persons (DSPs) to visit indoors. To help us in planning the addition of indoor social visits, we are seeking your feedback. We strongly encourage you to click on the link sent out to the families on our mailing list and fill out our short survey before 10:00 pm on Sunday, October 18. This information will greatly aid us in our future planning.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting back to you with our final plan.

Have a great weekend!

Warmest regards,

Harley Hempel
Director of Resident Therapies