COVID-19 Update – May 31, 2020

Harley HempelResident Updates

Dear Friends and Family Members of Sherwood Care Residents,

I hope you had the opportunity to soak up the warm weather this weekend, before the rain came. It was a beautiful Alberta weekend!

I am happy to report that there is no COVID-19 in the facility. Thank you for your diligence, while visiting your loved one, in following the guidelines. By maintaining physical distance, wearing the face mask provided, washing your hands, not sharing any food items and postponing your visit if you are not well, you are supporting your loved ones health, as well as the 99 other residents of Sherwood Care.

Together, we can limit the spread of any illness to our extremely vulnerable residents.

I want to share a couple of things with you today:

Outdoor Visits

  • We’re very happy to see you taking advantage of the additional visiting hours this past week. Most days, the spots were full, except for rainy days.
  • Your ability to connect with our loved one, within the guidelines provided, is a priority for us. The joy that we have observed from you and your loved one has been heartwarming
  • We are making a slight adjustment to the outdoor visiting schedule, beginning this Friday.  The 1 pm slot will be removed.  This time slot put pressure on the transition from lunch and addressing the hygiene needs of the residents.
  • The walking visit times will remain @ 1:15, 2:15 and 3:15 pm.
  • Thank you for your understanding as work to balance the needs of your loved ones and the visitation schedule, with its specific requirements.
  • All of the previous guidelines still apply, with some additional screening questions for you to review when you do your booking.
  • Should you need to cancel a visit, please be sure to contact Amanda or Harley.

CMOH 23-2020

  • Dr Hinshaw released a new order relative to continuing care. It covers a variety of topics, some that have already been implemented
  • Some updates are in the following ares:
    • Accessing Health Professionals, both externally (medical appts) and internally (attended on site)
      • Each health professional group is regulated by their professional association, so this will be a work in progress
      • We will be contacting some of our regular service providers, such as the Podiatrist, to see if they are able to come in and provide foot and nail care to your loved ones
    • Outings
      • Although the order strongly encourages residents to remain on site, there is provision and guidelines for a resident going off the property (other than the walking visit)
    • Asymptomatic testing of residents
      • AHS is asking all Long Term Care (LTC) and Designated Supported Living (DSL) sites to participate in a one time asymptomatic swabbing of all residents.
      • Participation of the residents is voluntary
      • More details will follow shortly, with the option for you to choose to opt out of the swabbing for your loved one, if you wish
    • Resident activities
      • The limit has increased form 5 residents to 15 (both inside and outside) for group activities, while maintaining physical distancing
      • We will be reintroducing some of our small group programs over the next several weeks
    • Guidance for Hairdressing services
      • Based on the guidelines, we have made several small adjustments, including a cleaning checklist, clarity around hair dryers and maintaining the limit of only 1 resident in the salon
    • Clarification on the single site worker guidelines and student placement, were also included in this order
  • As with all new orders, each change has a set of protocols that includes heightened screening and cleaning guidelines, as well as appropriate use of PPE’s for all parties
  • Thank you for your patience while we put these processes in place

Canada Summer Job Grant

  • We were very excited to be approved for 6 student positions through this federal grant program
  • We are currently interviewing for positions in dietary, housekeeping, administration, recreation, rehabilitation and the yard/gardens
  • These young people will be a wonderful addition to our team, while contributing to the quality of life for your loved ones

I want to give a big shout-out to our amazing staff who continue to provide compassionate, personalized and loving care to your family member. Despite the stressors that many have experienced during this pandemic, the positive and creative energy they bring to work, is commendable.

We continue to pray over Sherwood Care daily, seeking God’s protection and blessing over every individual connected with our facility, whether inside or outside. We pray that you are in good spirits during this period.  This promise is a wonderful reminder of our Source of strength.

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding and suggestions as we continue to navigate this “new reality” that we all find ourselves in. I am so grateful for the partnership that we share.

Warmest regards,

Kathy Fortunat, CEO