COVID-19 Update – January 22, 2021

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Dear Friends & Family of Sherwood Care,


I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy the milder winter weather before it gets colder. We can think of the pandemic like winter: warmer days are just around the corner, but we’ve still got a bit of cold to persevere through.


We have received news today that we can proceed with plans for the second dose of the Moderna vaccine for your loved ones, as well as first doses for those who were not able to receive a first dose during our initial blitz on January 5th and 6th. We are planning to order and be ready to begin second doses on Monday, February 1st.

For some of you reading this letter, your loved one may be new to Sherwood Care. If they have not received the vaccine prior to admission, and you have provided consent, we will look toward including them in this next round.

We have also heard that there may be some changes to protocols and requirements as the vaccine program moves forward, but at this time we have not received any updates to the CMOH orders that we are under. We will continue to follow the current guidelines surrounding PPE, health screening, and cleaning.

It’s certainly easy to take heart with news of the vaccine, and we should! Good news can be energizing. But it doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels just yet. The virus is still active and will remain so until the vaccination program achieves our goals. Like I said, we’ve got to make sure winter is over and done with before we can enjoy the spring. Thank you for the important role you play in our shared effort to keep your loved one safe!

Provincial Review of the Continuing Care System

If you have not had an opportunity to weigh in on this province-wide review of the continuing care system, you still have some time. The survey is open until January 29th and is your chance to share your suggestions and perspective with Alberta Health. The review includes LTC and DSL and will identify opportunities for changing and improving care in Alberta. It has the goal of improving the lives of continuing care residents and their families and better supporting staff and operators. It will also consider how best to prevent and manage episodes of transmittable illnesses that affect residents such as influenza, the annual flu season, and pandemics.

You can access the survey here:

Good News

Yesterday, we began to complete the redesign work in the dining room and lounge area that started last year. We installed blinds on our west windows to help with that late afternoon sun, and they’ve added a nice “homey” feel to the room. We will continue the process next week, when motorized blinds will be installed on the east-facing windows above the dining room area. It’s nice to move forward with some of these more “normal” processes.

Last week, the staff and residents celebrated the end of the holiday season by wearing their pyjamas all day. It was a treat to see so many people participating in this fun event.

Yesterday, I could hear Elvis singing “Blue Suede Shoes” as the team celebrates the 50’s with music, ice cream sundaes, and lively conversation. Next Wednesday, we will bring the feeling of the islands here as we host our Hawaiian Luau.

Have you been having a case of the January Blues? You’re not alone. After the rushing around of Christmas, the lull of January can get you down. Especially after the cooped-up year many of us have had! I recommend not forgetting the power of a good, brisk walk in the sunlight: even when the temperatures start getting cooler. We all need as much exercise, movement, and vitamin D as we can get. I also recommend that you don’t put too high of an expectation on yourself to meet some unachievable New Year’s resolutions. Set goals that you know you can reach, and you’ll be happy with yourself for getting to little milestones along the way.

Here’s one big New Year’s resolution we can all share: finally beating COVID-19! Six or seven month ago, it may have seemed like an impossible goal. Not so anymore. All we have to do is keep pulling in the same direction like we have been all year. Thank you for sticking with us.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

-Proverbs 16:3

Kathy Fortunat