COVID-19 Update – February 26, 2021

Harley HempelResident Updates

Dear Friends and Family of Sherwood Care,


I hope you’ve been enjoying the nicer weather as we get closer to spring. As always, we’re doing everything we can to keep your loved ones as safe as can be. We are happy to hear that the vaccination process has opened up to everyone over the age of 75 and hope that this will provide relief to many of you.



As of today we have 3 residents in isolation, completing their 14-day quarantine as new admissions. There is also one resident in isolation with symptoms awaiting a swab result.


Rapid testing of asymptomatic staff

As another tool in the collaborative effort to keep COVID-19 out of our facilities, AHS has provided equipment to each continuing care site to perform weekly rapid testing of asymptomatic staff. We are in the process of training the staff who will do the testing and plan to begin the testing the week of March 8th-12th. The test takes seconds to do and results are available within 15 minutes. If a staff member tests positive, they will need to leave the workplace, go home, and arrange for a PCR test through the AHS online booking system or 811. At this time, there is no directive to provide this same testing to the family members or DSP’s coming into our facility, but we will keep you informed if that changes.


Caregivers Support: Disability Tax Credit – free evening education session

The Canada Revenue Agency is hosting a free virtual, March 18 @ 6 pm to share information regarding:

  • Eligibility,
  • How to apply,
  • How to claim the disability tax credit and to share the
  • Gateway to other government programs



The week was a full one, with a variety of creative activities for your loved ones. This included:

  • Knitting circle
  • Fresh flower arranging. These beautiful arrangements were placed on the dining room tables as we pulled out our best china and tablecloths and hosted our welcome tea for all our new residents in the past month
  • A popcorn party on Monday
  • A Tim Horton’s coffee and donut social yesterday

I often say this, but it’s always equally true: there’s nothing quite as motivating to our team as the smiling faces and lively conversations of your loved ones. To be honest, these little things we do—knitting circles, coffee socials—they’re just as beneficial to us as they are to our residents! Because if they’re happy, and you’re happy, then we’re happy.


“Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.”

-Psalm 34:5


Warm regards,


Kathy Fortunat