COVID-19 Update – August 21, 2020

Harley HempelResident Updates

Dear Friends and Families of Sherwood Care,

We are 168 days COVID free!!

With just over a week left in the month of August, it’s hard to believe that the summer is just about over. 

The new visitation guidelines for outdoor visits and indoor supportive visits have now been going on for two weeks. We are so thankful for all of your flexibility as we’ve smoothed out the schedule and worked through the new process. It has been wonderful seeing your masked faces in the halls once again.

As part of the process for assessing Sherwood Care’s risk tolerance, we want to gather your feedback on your risk tolerance in regards to the outdoor and indoor supportive visits. Please click on the link below to access a brief survey and share your opinion:



We are excited to invite YOU to participate in a most spectacular event we have the privilege of hosting! In the midst of all the COVID stuff, we are so thrilled about fundraising for a worthy cause while having some good ‘ol “Sherwood Care” FUN at the same time!

What is this fun event you ask? Well, on September 20 we will be hosting The Grand Parade event. 

What is The Grand Parade and why are we fundraising? 

The Grand Parade is a family friendly “team-walk” fundraiser aimed to support local charity organizations who provide essential care and services for aging Canadians. As a team, you would walk in your group on a route determined by your team to ensure compliance with current COVID-19 restrictions on group gatherings.

This event is so important to Sherwood Care, because we’re raising money to support all the amazing “extras” that Sherwood Care provides to its residents, ensuring that we are the “Best Place to Be”!

How can you help? 

  • Register as a Team Captain! What does a Team Captain do? Team Captains register a team online, invite others (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to join their team, raise money and encourage their team to do the same.
  • Join Sherwood Care’s team as a participant and raise money on your own!
  • Donate to a fundraising participant or the Sherwood Care team!
  • Spread the word! Tell your family, friends, and co-workers about this awesome event!

We are looking forward to this event with much anticipation and are so excited to have you join to be a part of it with us! Our goal is to raise $20,000 from this event, and with your help we know that we can accomplish this!

If you are as excited about this event as we are, please get in touch with Harley to find out how you can get involved by emailing, or phoning 780-467-2281. And in the meantime, click here ( to find out more about and register for The Grand Parade.


Have a great weekend!


Warmest Regards,

Harley Hempel
Director of Resident Therapies