COVID-19 Update – April 3, 2020

Harley HempelResident Updates

Dear Family Members of Sherwood Care Residents,

I hope you are staying well and adjusting to this new, but temporary normal. I am sure it continues to be a challenge being away from your loved one but I hope you have been able to stay connected via phone or video calling. 

I am committed to keeping you informed of weekly happenings. Here is what happened this week:

  • We have no illness in the building at this time.
  • We are continuing to screen all staff before they begin work, in all departments and on every shift.
  • We are refining our Pandemic Plan should there be an outbreak in the facility. This includes sending out a survey to all staff to find out their current and past education/training they have and any other place of employment.
  • The Leadership staff continue to meet on a daily basis to discuss and review any updates made by AHS re: COVID-19.

Despite the challenges with COVID-19, we continue to see such beautiful acts of kindness and communities coming together. Here are just a few of our good news stories that occurred this week:

  • Every afternoon at 2:15 pm we have a 2 minute Dance Break where music is played over the intercom and staff are encouraged to take a break to dance! Residents have joined in the fun too!
  • In addition to our meal time assistance schedule, some of our fantastic staff have volunteered their time to further support meal assistance on their days off.
  • Two of our residents celebrated their birthdays this week and staff made a point of decorating their rooms and doors to help make their day even more special!

Thank you for your ongoing kindness and support. We miss seeing you at Sherwood Care and look forward to the time when we can all be together again. In the meantime, we will be sure to tell your loved one how much they are loved and missed by you. 


Warmest Regards,

Kathy Fortunat