COVID-19 Update – April 16, 2021

Harley HempelResident Updates

Dear Family and Friends of Sherwood Care,


Isn’t it lovely that the sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds? Now that the last of the snow is disappearing, the world around Sherwood Care is opening up for you and your loved ones to use. I encourage you to take your loved ones for outdoor walks if possible—there’s nothing more refreshing after a long, cold winter than the feeling of warm sunshine.


Updates: As of today we have 1 resident in isolation, completing their 14-day quarantine as a new admission, in addition to 1 staff member awaiting swab results.


Family Education Night:

Next week is our Education night for families and friends of Sherwood Care. You will hear from Melissa and Danielle on ways to support your loved one living with dementia. Topics covered:

  • HOW to live in a relationship with a changing brain
  • HOW to approach and respond to a loved one living with dementia

Topic: Sherwood Care Family Education Night

Time: April 20th, 2021, 6:00 PM


Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 813 1212 8289

Passcode: 925952

Join by Phone: +1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID: 813 1212 8289

Passcode: 925952


Items of Note: 

Survey Feedback- Thank you for the incredible response to the survey that we sent out last week regarding visitation and the increase of COVID-19 variants in our region. We have had 71 responses as of this morning. Here is a summary of your responses:


  • Concern for your loved one and their exposure to COVID-19 and/or VOC – 17% are very worried, 50% are somewhat worried and 33% are not worried
  • Concern for yourself and your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and/or VOC – 21% are very worried, 44% are somewhat worried and 34% are not worried, with 1% unsure
  • In response to your feelings on visitation at Sherwood Care – 86% are comfortable with the current visitation guidelines, 11% feel the guidelines should be more restrictive and 3% feel visitation should be stopped
  • In response to the designated private spaces for visitation due to your loved one being in a shared room – 61% feel the current spaces are suitable, 4% don’t feel they are, 11% are unsure and 24% it was not applicable to their situation
  • Duration of outdoor visits – 20% have preference for 30 minutes, 60% prefer 60 minutes, and 20% prefer 90 minutes
  • Your comfort level with various levels of vaccination for visitors on site – Full vaccination – 80% very comfortable, 16% somewhat, 1% not comfortable and 3% unsure
  • Partial vaccination – 39% very comfortable, 54% somewhat, 4% not comfortable and 3% unsure
  • Not vaccinated – 12% very comfortable, 32% somewhat comfortable, 48% not comfortable and 8% unsure

Your feedback is essential to our ability to plan effectively. Based on this feedback and the current guidelines, this is a summary of the visitation plans for this spring/summer:

  • Starting April 19 – DSP/Family members can take their loved one out to the centre courtyard and walk around the walkway, making use of the benches that are placed on the path. The inner courtyard where the tables and chairs are, will be reserved for resident or staff use. Please note that due to underground water issues, you will come to a spot in the walkway that is blocked off due to water drainage. These walks can occur as part of your regularly scheduled visit.
  • Beginning the first week of May – Outdoor visitation options will be available. These options will allow for social visits and can occur in the front courtyard at the three designated areas or as walking visits. A DSP must be present to gather the resident from their room (exception is shared rooms) and prepare them for the outdoor visit. These social visits can have a total of 4 individuals + the resident. Pets and children are allowed and encouraged. Our goal is to continue to offer two visit options per week for each resident, either both indoors, both outdoors, or one of each.

You will receive additional information from Harley and Ana in the recreation department regarding this process. You can reach them at and


Memorial Services – COVID-19 has had many challenges. One of them has been to our ability to host monthly memorials to honour our residents who have passed away. Thankfully, our creative team came up with a solution to address this gap and has put together a memorial service virtually, honouring and remembering each resident who passed away in 2020. If you would like to see the video to remember some of your friends, please send your request to our Chaplain Adam ( and he will connect with you and provide the secure link.


Thank you for your consistent involvement with us at Sherwood Care. Your opinions are invaluable to us as we continue to chart a course forward, toward the end of this era. Your engagement is invaluable to your loved ones, as it brings so much vibrancy and activity to their lives. For the past year and more, we’ve been a team with the shared goal of making sure Sherwood Care residents are happy and healthy. All of the success we’ve experienced is due to that teamwork. Let’s keep it up!


Please note that there will not be a family letter next week, but it will resume the following week.


“Success is best when it’s shared.” – Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks


Warm regards,


Kathy Fortunat