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Without a doubt, we are living in unprecedented times!

It is challenging at times like this to find perspective with the information overload that hits you on a daily basis. But even with a message that seems to change daily, I am reminded that there are some things that will stay the same throughout this pandemic and beyond:

  • Practice good hygiene;
    • Wash your hands,
    • Cough and sneeze in your elbow,
    • Eat healthy, and get rest and physical activity on a regular basis,
    • Maintain your social connections, even while supporting physical distancing
    • Pay attention to your health and watch for any symptoms of illness
  • Care for your mental health;
    • Limit your time on social media, and be very selective in what you read and listen to,
    • For factual information regarding COVID-19, click on our COVID-19 banner for links to reliable sources to guide you through the uncertainty,
    • Keep your mind active — we all have that project, or puzzle, or book, or something that’s been on the “back burner”, and now is as good a time as any to start on it,

It is in times of crisis that heroes are born. In all modesty, I believe that I am surrounded by heroes every day. From our staff who continue to show up in these unsettling times to provide stability and  continuity of care to our vulnerable residents, to our families, who have honoured the call to protect your loved ones by staying away for the foreseeable future, but are still finding creative and meaningful ways to share your love — thank you! I know full well that this is asking a lot, especially as we are also busy managing challenging personal and family situations at this moment. But we could not do this without you, and we cannot thank you enough. This is the moment for extra effort, for going the extra mile, and I know you will continue to rise to the occasion. You are heroes, and your effort will make a huge difference to our organization and to our society.

I am proud and inspired by the way our Sherwood Care community has risen to this challenge — with flexibility, resilience, courage, and compassion. Thank you for your enormous contribution to keeping this the Best Place to Be and Work. Let’s keep working together – across all aspects of this community — and keep going. Let’s make this one of our finest hours.

With a grateful heart,

Kathy Fortunat

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When entering Sherwood Care you will instantly feel the warmth and care we have for our residents. Continually upgrading and beautifying our facility enables us to meet the medical, physical, spiritual and emotional health needs of our residents.

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As a non-profit organization, Sherwood Care is humbled and grateful for the blessings and donations we receive. Our mission to provide exceptional resident-centered care would not be possible without this generous support.

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Are you or a loved one needing specialized, elderly care? Becoming a resident at Sherwood Care is one of our most frequently asked questions. Click the link below to find out more information on the residency process.

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